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Christians facing serious persecution in Burma

Being a Christian in Burma has never been safe, however conditions have only been exacerbated since the country fell under Tatmadaw military control during the coup in February this year. International Christian Concern recently held a panel discussing the harsh condition Christians are living under in Burma. The ICC’s report titled “Caught in the Crossfire: Myanmar's Christian Minorities Under Tatmadaw Rule” read:

"Violent incidents are escalating, with airstrikes and ground fighting spreading to various regions around the country. Tens of thousands have fled, and many more are sure to follow in the months ahead," the report explains. "Instability, food shortages, and great loss of life threaten the Burmese people — especially its vulnerable minorities.”

While Christian’s only make up 6.2% of the nation’s population, the Burma Army seems to be specifically targeting Christian Communities as well as other religious minorities.

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