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Christian Woman Forced to Ingest Poison By Muslim Father

Uganda, 07/02/21

A 38 year old Ugandan woman is fighting to recuperate after her Muslim father beat and forced her to ingest a toxic substance earlier this month.

Hajat Habiiba Namuwaya, who is also a mother of three, fled her home after receiving death threats for putting her faith in Christ.

“My mother warned me that the family was planning to kill me,” Namuwaya told Morning Star News from her hospital bed. “I shared my fears with the pastor, and the pastor together with his family accepted to host me, and freely I openly shared my new life in Christ with friends on WhatsApp, which landed me in trouble.”

A text message detailing where the woman was staying somehow got into the hands of her father, and this followed:

“My father, Al-Hajji Mansuru Kiita, recited many Koranic verses cursing and denouncing me as no longer one of the family members,” she told Morning Star News. “He started beating and torturing me with a blunt object, inflicting bruises on my back, chest and legs, and finally forced me to drink poison, which I tried to resist but swallowed a little of it.”

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