River consultants


In recent years society has witnessed a significant uptake in violent extremism specifically targeting Judeo-Christian organizations and personnel. These events have birthed the requirement for previously unnecessary measures within these targeted ministries. Rogue River Consultants provides the expertise necessary to mitigate the threat posed by those individuals or groups that would seek to do you harm, While still maintaining an atmosphere conducive to the requirements of a ministry.

Special activities Division is responsible for all direct action operations conducted by Rogue River Consultants personnel. Duties include but are not limited to; Missions Team security, emergency exfiltration, disaster relief security. personnel vetting, and kres.

Disaster response teams are responsible for coordinating all foreign and domestic relief missions following natural and/or manmade disasters.

Special Activities Division

Disaster Response Teams

The training division is responsible for the development and implementation of all training templates and courses.


(Coming Soon)

Once fully operational our Media Development Department will be responsible for gathering, investigating, and disseminating information regarding the global persecution of Christians and Jews.

media development